Zero-carbon housing ‘may save billions’

08_Zero-carbon housing _may save billions_

(Australian Associated Press)

A zero-carbon housing policy could generate billions of dollars for South Australia’s economy, researchers say.

Data taken from an eco-housing development in Adelaide suggests its state-wide adaptation over the course of a decade could generate more than $1.3 billion, University of South Australia researcher Stephen Berry says.

Dr Berry found more than 100 homes in Lochiel Park Green Village used less than one-third of the energy needed for temperature control compared with conventional dwellings and eliminated electricity bills for most owners.

“Each new home builder can also expect net benefits of around $25,000 across the life of their home through greater energy efficiency and on-site generation,” he said on Wednesday. “Our research confirms zero-carbon housing is both achievable and financially rewarding for householders and the wider community.”


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