Your favourite pet names for 2020

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Pet adoption rates have skyrocketed during COVID-19 but the most popular names for cats and dogs remain largely the same.

For another year, Luna has topped the charts in 2020 as the favourite moniker for furry friends.

The name was No.1 for cats and dogs according to Lost Dogs’ Home, while Pet Insurance companies ranked Luna in first place for female canines and felines, and Archie as the most popular for male counterparts.

The latter based its rankings on thousands of insurance polices.

The Lost Dogs’ Home on Tuesday revealed that 2020 brought its biggest adoption numbers in five years at some shelters, and spokeswoman Suzana Talevski said pet owners use a range of methods to come up with names for their new friends.

“Sometimes it is a personal and emotional connection to a name. Sometimes it is a pop culture reference that plays a big influence and sometimes it is a case of our passions and hobbies,” she said.

“And they often tell a story about the people, places and stories that defined our year.”

In 2020 a new category was created for popular ‘unusual’ names, which resulted in a top four: Nawty, Ajax, Macho and Tarbh.


1. Archie/Luna

2. Hunter/Willow

3. Milo/Cleo

4. Leo/Chilli

5. Shadow/Hazel

6. Simba/Kiki

7. Bluey/Maisy

8. Boris/Angel

9. Charlie/Belle

10. Fluffy/Bernie



1. Archie/Luna

2. Charlie/Daisy

3. Milo/Coco

4. Alfie/Frankie

5. Teddy/Rosie

6. Ollie/Bella

7. Winston/Willow

8. Bear/Lola

9. Buddy/Maggie

10. Arlo/Ruby


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