The ultimate guide to gift giving [eBook]

Money and Life
(Financial Planning Association of Australia)

We all give presents. We all receive presents. Ever wanted to find out how your gift-spending and types of gift purchases compare to other Aussies?

New research reveals Australians spend nearly $20 billion per year on gifts and only 1 in 4 of us actually plan for these gifts. Do you want to become a smarter, more thoughtful gift-giver? Get inspired with the FPA’s Goodness of Giving eBook, which contains fun and useful tips on gift-giving for significant occasions such as weddings, kids’ birthdays and Christmas.

This eBook also explores how you can become a more socially conscious gift-giver and how to set a gift budget.

Inside this eBook:

  • Interesting insights on Australia’s gift spending habits and trends.
  • 3 tips to set a sustainable budget
  • Tips to give gifts for kids’ birthdays, weddings and Christmas based on your gift-giver personality

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