The ultimate guide to gift giving [eBook download]

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(Financial Planning Association of Australia)

We all give presents. We all receive presents. Ever wanted to find out how your gift-spending and types of gift purchases compare to other Aussies?

New research reveals Australians spend nearly $20 billion per year on gifts and only 1 in 4 of us actually plan for these gifts. Do you want to become a smarter, more thoughtful gift-giver? Get inspired with the FPA’s Goodness of Giving eBook, which contains fun and useful tips on gift-giving for significant occasions such as weddings, kids’ birthdays and Christmas.

This eBook also explores how you can become a more socially conscious gift-giver and how to set a gift budget.


1.Get involved in the circular economy

A hot tip on sustainable wrapping from gift wrapping expert Vivienne Anthon is to neatly unwrap your gifts and reuse the wrapping on the next gift you give. Or think outside the (gift) box: “Japanese ‘furoshiki’ is wrapping in fabric. Try wrapping your own gifts in something that has longevity,” says Vivienne.

2. Swap ‘stuff’ for time

According to clinical psychologist and CEO of The Positivity Institute Dr Suzy Green these shared memories provide long-term benefits for our relationships. “Gift experiences provide a bigger impact on our well-being than material gifts as we can always reminisce and replay the joy of the experience.”

3. Give something that will last

The gift of a membership, subscription or lessons will make a lasting impression on your loved one. Most Aussies (57%) say they’d like the gift of time with a financial planner.


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