Stephanie Bull
(The Age)

BEGINNERS (1 point)

  1. Which unit of length measures the distance between stars?
  2. Which arthropod is erroneously named for its thousand feet?
  3. Which Australian prime minister introduced compulsory superannuation?
  4. Is a cycad closer to a palm, a tree fern or a pine?
  5. Which Australian government organisation invented Wi-Fi?


  1. In the imperial system, how many pounds in a stone?
  2. What was the name of the theme song for the TV series M*A*S*H?
  3. Who is the prime minister of India?
  4. Which US new wave band formed in the late ’70s was named after a bomber?
  5. What was John Maynard Keynes’ profession?

ADVANCED (3 points)

  1. In which year did the Vietnam War end?
  2. Which famous painting by Munch was stolen in 2004?
  3. The highly toxic substance ricin is found in the seeds of which plant?
  4. What is the plural of genus?
  5. Which Egyptian god was the protector of pregnant women?
  6. Light year 2. Millipede 3. Paul Keating 4. Pine 5. CSIRO 6. 14 7. Suicide is Painless 8. Narendra Modi 9. B-52’s 10. Economics 11. 1975 12. The Scream 13. Castor oil plant 14. Genera 15. Bes

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