Randi Zuckerberg’s top 10 trends

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Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s former marketing chief, has outlined her favourite 10 tech trends although she thinks the digital revolution has gone too far.

1. The age of the `entremployee’

The lines between entrepreneurs and employees are becoming increasingly blurred. In the past you could either work for someone or start a company, but now there are so many ways employees can be entrepreneurial, Zuckerberg says.

2. Think like a media company

Businesses need to think like a media company, regardless of their size, and harness the power of social media. Red Bull, for example, has turned its social media presence into a popular live streaming action sports channel.

3. Reinventing retail

Imagine getting a free meal or hotel stay for simply putting a picture of your food or room on social media. This is actually a thing and, according to Zuckerberg, is becoming more common as companies see the value of customer’s marketing power.

4. Start `em early

“Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo, teach your toddler how to code”. Zuckerberg says it’s a good idea to get your child interested in tech as soon as possible. There are actually toys designed to teach computer coding and even potties with iPads. But, remember, children do need time to play outside.

5. The maker movement

People are making everything from shoes to houses using 3D objects from digital files – and it’s getting cheaper. “I can even imagine a world in the future when you don’t have to pack luggage … you just arrive and email yourself a few files and off you go with all your stuff,” Zuckerberg said.

6. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is increasingly becoming actual reality. Doctors are using virtual reality to cure traumas and phobias, although most real-life simulation involves video games. But games where you can put on a suit and feel the experience of killing people are an example of the “complicated side” of virtual reality, she says.

7. Life-logging

We can track almost anything in our lives. Companies have designed GPS bracelets for children, there are chairs that tell you when you aren’t sitting straight and dog trackers that alert you when your pooch has spent the whole day on the couch.

8. New frontiers – education and health care

We’ve now got doctors and experts on demand, Zuckerberg says. We can get lessons from all sorts of experts and coaches online and get real-time advice from medical professionals. Ultrasounds can be done via smartphones.

9. Gamification for motivation

Scales that tweet your weight to the world – now there’s some serious motivation to keep fit. And there’s an alarm app that donates your cash to charity every time you press snooze. “A lot of game developers are starting to apply game mechanics to our every day health and wellness,” Zuckerberg says.

10. Unplug to refresh

We have become so plugged in that society needs a “digital detox” and break-up apps are proof of this, she says. “I think we’ve become so plugged in as a society that now the pendulum is switching back and we’re starting to think about how to set boundaries? How do we reclaim time?”


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