[Quiz] Who calls the money shots in your relationship?

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(Financial Planning Association of Australia)

When it comes to all things money, how are decisions reached in your relationship? Is everything up for discussion or do you each take the lead on different financial matters?

The recent UBS Own Your Worth report based on a survey of 1700 married couples in the US revealed some interesting findings about who takes charge in money matters. 88% of women in same-sex couples and 90% of women in heterosexual couples are fully in the know about their family’s accounts. But the majority of women surveyed – 56% – will expect their spouse to take the lead on decisions about investing and financial planning.

So we’ve put together a short quiz for couples– married or de facto  – about who calls the shots when it comes to finances. If you’re in a relationship right now, let’s see how you roll with making money decisions, big and small, and whether it might be time to start sharing the responsibility with your partner.

Who would you describe as being more active in managing money in general?



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