NT needs investment to embrace future

13_NT needs investment to embrace future

(Australian Associated Press)

The Northern Territory is at a different stage of economic development from the rest of Australia, and needs more investment to create jobs and opportunities, the chief minister says.

Adam Giles on Wednesday welcomed the Infrastructure Australia report which highlighted a need for more works in the NT and improved essential services to remote communities.

He said he would keep pushing to keep northern Australian development a priority on the national agenda.

“The NT is at a different stage of economic development to the rest of the country, and we need more investment in infrastructure to unlock our full potential and create more jobs and opportunities,” he said in a statement.

“In our submission to Infrastructure Australia, the NT government emphasised the importance of taking a broader regional approach towards assessing infrastructure needs in remote communities rather than just focusing on one-off projects.”

Mr Giles said he wanted the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility to progress to generate more private sector investment, as well as the release of further detail for the $600 million roads package, the white paper on developing northern Australia said would drive new development in mining, agriculture and tourism.

“We want to open up the NT; we want to connect people, communities and businesses to grow jobs for the future, and it’s important policy-makers in Canberra understand the need to make a long-term commitment to develop the north,” he said.


* The North-East Gas Interconnector pipeline running from the NT to the east coast states

* Upgrading the Tanami Road, which runs from Alice Springs to Halls Creek in WA

* Upgrading the Darwin-area water supply infrastructure

* Developing infrastructure and essential services in remote communities


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