Mobiles reduce time spent watching TV

Petrina Berry
(Australian Associated Press)


People will spend more than two hours a day reading or watching content on their smartphones by 2020, and less time watching television, according to a new report.

Global media agency Zenith predicts Australians will spend 123.6 minutes a day consuming content via their mobile phones in two years’ time, up nine per cent from 2017.

Zenith Australia chief executive Nickie Scriven said that is impacting traditional media, especially TV, with time spent in front of the box forecast to fall by one per cent between 2017 and 2020.

“With consumers increasingly searching for and consuming content on mobile devices, they will have little tolerance for brands and content that is not mobile optimised,” Ms Scriven said.

The report, which details the changing patterns of media consumption across 63 countries, says mobile internet use has eroded the consumption of almost all other media, particularly newspapers and magazines.

Time spent reading newspapers and magazines across the globe has fallen by 45 per cent and 56 per cent, respectively, in the seven years to 2018.

However, the time people spend reading newspapers and magazines online has more than made up for the time previously spent reading the printed product, the report says.

Television and radio have also lost out, though not on the same scale.

The global findings estimate time spent watching television shrank by three per cent in the seven years to 2018, while time spent listening to radio declined by eight per cent.

Television channels and radio stations have gained online audiences, though they are facing stiff competition from the likes of YouTube and Spotify, Zenith said.

The rapid growth of mobile internet use has increased the amount of time people spend consuming media, which has grown by 12 per cent since 2011 to 479 minutes a day, on average, the report said.

Zenith’s Media Consumptions Forecast report estimates that will reach 492 minutes a day in 2020.


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