Key stats on Australian community services

(Australian Associated Press)

The Productivity Commission has outlined some of the key figures on government contributions to community services:

* The Commonwealth, state and territory government spent around $30.7 billion on community services in 2015/16, which was equivalent to 1.9 per cent of GDP and 10 per cent of total government outlays

* Real government expenditure on these services increased by 18.4 per cent between 2011/12 and 2015/16

* The largest proportional increase over the period was on child protection services, which rose 20.7 per cent

* The biggest dollar increase over the period was $2.7 billion for aged care services

* Total government spending on aged care services in 2015/16 was $16.8 billion, the majority of which went into residential care services

* $8.4 billion in government money was spent on disability services in 2015/16 – a real increase of 2.3 per cent from the previous year

* $4.8 billion was spent on child protection, out-of-home care, family support services and intensive family support services in 2015/16 – an increase of $341.2 million or 7.7 per cent from 2014/15

* Youth justice services across Australia including detention-based and community-based supervision as well as group conferencing cost $731.9 million in 2015/16, with the majority spent on detention-based supervision.


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