Internet expands to three billion users

File photo dated 06/08/14 of a person using a laptop as more than eight out of 10 internet users believe browsing history should be kept private, a new survey has shown.. Issue date: Friday May 30, 2014. The poll, commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust one year after US whistleblower Edward Snowdon leaked top-secret files revealing the activities of UK and US intelligence agencies, showed 85% believe it is "fairly important", "very important" or "essential" to keep browsing records private. Only 12% believe it is not important, the survey conducted by Ipsos Mori showed. In addition, respondents supported a call by the Don't Spy On US campaign for senior judges rather than ministers to sign off on warrants for data collection of electronic communications, when asked where oversight of the intelligence agencies should lie. See PA story POLITICS Spying. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

(Australian Associated Press)

The internet now has three billion users, most of whom use a mobile device to access it, a new study shows.

The Internet Society has published a report detailing the growth in its use and recent trends.

The report shows mobile internet penetration will reach 71 per cent by 2019, with Android by far the most popular of the five major platforms at 84 per cent of smartphones and 74 per cent of tablets.


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