Fans celebrate Back to The Future day

15-Fans celebrate Back to The Future day


(Australian Associated Press)

Great Scott! It’s the future!

The year is 2015: Spielberg is pumping out yet another Jaws sequel, Hoverboards totally exist and all you need to make a cheesy pizza is a Hydrator capable of level four hydration.

Back to The Future fans are today celebrating Back to The Future Day – the exact day Marty McFly and Doc Brown jumped into their DeLorean time machine and arrived in the “future” in the sequel to the 1985 blockbuster.

“Better chuck on my Nike power lace up boots and jump into my hover car and fly to work! #FutureDay #BackToTheFuture,” super fan Adrian Alford tweeted.

“Happy #BackToTheFuture day! Now I have one question 2015. WHERE IS MY HOVER BOARD?” Channel V Presenter Danny Clayton tweeted.

Whether it’s pub trivia, Marty McFly flash mobs or getting a lift in a DeLorean, fans across the world are getting into the futuristic festivities.

Some however have been disappointed to wake up only to realise they’re still living in the same old present day.

“Walking to the bakery this morning because I don’t have a hoverboard. Disappointing. #BackToTheFuture,” Karen Lyon said.

Others are having cinematic existential crises.

“Weird to think that after tomorrow BackToTheFuture will be set completely in the past,” Rob Meehan tweeted.

Enjoy Back To The Future Day!


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