Driverless car unveiled in SA

10-Driverless car unveiled in SA


(Australian Associated Press)

A driverless car set to be tested on Adelaide’s roads has been unveiled amid predictions the technology could eliminate 90 per cent of all crashes.

The Volvo XC90 is fitted with a combination of radar and camera technology which allows it to stop, steer and react to other objects and vehicles on the road.

“In the many years of safety research one of the findings we’ve had is that many accidents could be avoided if the driver could make a quicker decision,” Volvo Australia managing director Kevin McCann told reporters on Wednesday.

“But a human is not physically capable of doing that so we’ve put devices in the car to make those decisions.

“The focus really is on collision avoidance.”

Gerard Waldron, from the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative, said it was estimated that 90 per cent of all crashes were the result of human error and driverless technology had the potential to eliminate those incidents.

He said it could lead to an environment where there were very few crashes.

The South Australian government has legislation before state parliament allowing for more widespread trials and use of driverless technology on local roads.

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan said the government recognised the immense benefits offered by autonomous vehicles and intelligent transport systems.

The legislation would make SA the ideal place for major car companies to test and develop their technology for right-hand-drive vehicles, the minister said.


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