Clearing the clutter: 9 tips to organising your space

Cleaning up and organising your living area may seem daunting. However, by embracing these nine straightforward principles, you can cultivate an orderly and serene environment.


  1. Seek Inspiration
    Find your muse in decluttering champions like Marie Kondo. Explore books or TV shows that resonate with your cleaning aspirations, using them as your starting push.
  2. Adopt a Cleaning Schedule
    Divide your cleaning mission into daily duties with a schedule. Pre-made or custom, a cleaning agenda turns a large task into bite-sized, achievable goals.
  3. Understand Your Goals
    Clarify your cleaning objectives. Whether you aspire to minimalism or just more efficient organisation, grasping your ultimate aim drives persistence and focus.
  4. Embrace the 80/20 Principle
    Recognise that you often utilise 20% of your belongings 80% of the time. This guideline assists in discerning what’s crucial and what can be relinquished.
  5. Compile a List of Essentials
    Identify indispensable items by creating a checklist. During cleaning, this catalogue becomes your roadmap, easing the choices of retention and elimination.
  6. Determine Practical Uses for Items
    Before preserving an object “just in case,” detail its upcoming use. If it has no immediate function, it might be time to say goodbye.
  7. Preview Your Clean Space
    First, clear your targeted area, picturing the uncluttered space. This preview may ease the decision-making about what stays and what goes.
  8. Begin with the Basics
    Initiate with uncomplicated areas like old magazines or expired pantry items. Early success can spark enthusiasm to handle more complex zones in your home.
  9. Utilise Procrastination to Your Advantage
    Turn procrastination into productivity by taking up cleaning to avoid less appealing tasks. This inventive twist can make procrastination an ally in your organizing endeavour.

Extra Tip: Consider Donation or Recycling
Prior to discarding items, contemplate donation or recycling. This green approach is eco-friendly and can be beneficial to others.


These nine fundamental steps, crafted to streamline the organizing process, can metamorphose your living quarters into an efficient and pleasant haven. Adopt them and make cleaning an empowering rather than overwhelming experience.



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