Chris Hemsworth supports equal pay

13-Chris Hemsworth supports equal pay

Brianna Parkins


(Australian Associated Press)

Australian Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth says he would make his pay transparent to female co-stars to ensure equality.

Speaking on the black carpet at the Sydney charity screening of his latest film In the Heart of the Sea, Hemsworth told AAP he supported Jennifer Lawrence’s quest for pay equality in Hollywood.

“You are paid by your merit and skill set,” Hemsworth said. “There is a change occurring that’s positive and exciting and I’m all for it.”

During the Sony email hacks it was revealed female stars earn significantly less than their male counterparts, resulting in Lawrence writing an essay on Hollywood pay inequality for Lena Dunham’s online newsletter, Lenny.

Lawrence said in the past she caved on pay negotiations to avoid looking “difficult” or “spoilt” but regretted it after the Sony email leak revealed her male co-stars commanded much more cash.

“.. I saw the payroll on the Internet and realised every man I was working with definitely didn’t worry about being difficult or spoiled,” she wrote.

“[a] leaked Sony email revealed a producer referring to a fellow lead actress in a negotiation as a spoiled brat. For some reason, I just cant picture someone saying that about a man,” Lawrence said.

Hemsworth said he wasn’t sure how much male stars could do to help but he would be willing to disclose his salary to female co-stars.

“I wouldn’t make my pay public but I’d make it transparent to female [co stars],” he said.


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