Tax records for rental properties and holiday homes

20 September

Find out about what records to keep and for how long for rental properties and holiday homes. How long to keep rental records You need to keep records for 5 years. Depending on your situation, that is 5 years from the date: you lodge your tax...[Read More]

Tax break to help small businesses save on energy

13 September

Millions of small and medium-sized businesses are set to benefit from a federal government tax incentive to cut their energy bills. Laws to enact the tax incentive will go to parliament on Wednesday. The tax deduction will provide businesses with...[Read More]

Tax implications with investing in bank accounts and income bonds

6 September

Check the income you need to declare and tax implications if you invest in bank accounts and income bonds.   Bank accounts Interest from a bank or other financial institution is part of your assessable income for the year. Even if the funds...[Read More]

The importance of personalised advice in navigating ambiguous information

31 August

In an era saturated with information, the need for personalised advice tailored to an individual’s unique financial situation is paramount. Whether it’s in the business world, investment markets, or personal finance, we are bombarded with advice...[Read More]

Thought to register a trade mark for your new business?

30 August

A new business is an exciting and challenging journey. Getting set up correctly from the start will help you on the path to success. You’re ready. You’ve worked out what registrations you need, you have an ABN, sought a trusted adviser, and...[Read More]

5 advantages of home ownership

24 August

Your decision to purchase a new house is a significant life event, and the thought of becoming a homeowner might be a little intimidating. However, homeownership brings with it several advantages, including the freedom to design your home as you...[Read More]

Economic agenda big enough without more tax reform

23 August

The Albanese government has ruled out further tax reform this term as it seeks to bed down a raft of changes to improve the economy. The Business Council this week called for “comprehensive tax reform”, saying the government would not be able to...[Read More]

ATO Scam advice – tax time SMS and email scams

23 August

Be wary of emails, phone calls and text messages claiming to be from the ATO. If you think a phone call, SMS, voicemail, email or interaction on social media claiming to be from the ATO is not genuine, do not engage with it. You should...[Read More]

Sweet tooth tax could cure hip pocket pain: dentists

16 August

A tax on sugary drinks would reduce their consumption and help fund targeted schemes to improve oral care for vulnerable Australians, the dental association says. In its submission to a parliamentary inquiry examining access to dental services in...[Read More]

Tax loopholes are ‘stealing from next generation’

16 August

Tax loopholes that benefit multinational companies in Australia are “stealing from the next generation”, prominent unions have warned. The Community and Public Sector Union told a parliamentary inquiry into multinational tax avoidance that many...[Read More]

Records you need to keep for tax purposes

9 August

Records you need to show a payment or expense, the format to keep your records in, and how long to keep them. What is a record? Records are written evidence of your income or expenses, these can be either paper or electronic. You need to keep...[Read More]

Up to 250,000 workers could get electric car discount

9 August

As many as 250,000 Australian workers could unlock significant electric vehicle discounts after a change to small business software that will automate car leases. The change, from accounting platform MYOB, could help more than 100,000 businesses...[Read More]

Working from home expenses, what can I claim and how do I claim it?

2 August

Deductions for expenses you incur to work from home such as stationery, energy and office equipment. Eligibility to claim To claim working from home expenses, you must: be working from home to fulfil your employment duties, not just carrying out...[Read More]

Bitter news for beer lovers as tax hits pints and kegs

2 August

Beer drinkers are being warned to brace for more expensive pints as the industry is hit with another tax increase. Alcohol prices are not exempt from rising costs of living and the tax is adjusted twice a year in line with inflation. The latest...[Read More]

Union wants super profits tax to pay for social housing

26 July

One of Australia’s most powerful unions wants a tax to be slapped on big businesses to pay for social and affordable housing. The CFMEU has called for a super profits tax to bankroll construction and solve the country’s housing crisis. National...[Read More]