Car parking to be ‘windows up’

17.Car parking to be windows up

Trevor Chappell


(Australian Associated Press)

Soon, you will be able to drive into a pay car park fuss-free.

Payment technology and taxi operator Cabcharge, and car parking systems provider parkIQ have developed technology enabling customers to enter and exit a car park without having to wind down their car window to interact with a ticketing machine.

Drivers also don’t have to go through a physical process of paying for parking because it is done automatically.

The “windows up” technology has already been successfully trialled at a Secure Parking car park in Sydney and is set to be installed at a major shopping centre in London by Secure Parking.

Cabcharge’s head of payments, John D’arcy, said the technology means car parking becomes a smoother, “digital” experience, saving time and eliminating fuss.

“People don’t have to wind down their window, they don’t have to tap a card – they just drive up, the system will identify that person, and determine whether they should be given access,” Mr D’arcy told AAP.

“It bypasses ticket machines, card readers, sitting at boom gates and entrances and exits.”

Mr D’arcy said the system also eliminated the need for regular users of car parks to collect receipts to submit to their employers.

The system employs radio frequency ID, like toll tags, or licence plate recognition cameras to identify vehicles.

The system charges the driver’s account for the cost of the parking, perhaps at a pre-agreed rate.

“There are many, many different ways in which it (the system) can be used, an it’s much more flexible than traditional parking systems,” Mr D’arcy said.

Mr D’arcy said the “windows up” system was far less expensive than traditional, mechanical ticketing machines and would save car park operators money.

The additional data that could be collected through the system could also help the car park operators develop their corporate accounts business and loyalty programs.


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