Bank on a hat for the Melb Cup: milliner

13.Bank on a hat for the Melb Cup milliner

Melissa Iaria


(Australian Associated Press)

As the Melbourne Cup carnival draws near, so too does the dilemma of what to choose first, the hat or the outfit.

It’s a perennial question for Lisa Tan, a milliner for Myer, who banks on a hat over a fascinator.

“People ask me what comes first, the hat or the outfit and I usually just say to them pick whichever one you love first,” Tan told AAP at the Melbourne Cup Carnival launch at Flemington Racecourse on Monday.

“You might have a pair of shoes that you really love. If that’s the case, build the outfit around that. Don’t necessarily think it has to be the dress or it has to be the hat.”

This year, the trend of veil headwear has carried over and has the advantage of being easy to wear, Tan says.

The brim is making a return too, with boater hats in fashion this season and predicted to remain in mode next year as well.

“I think people are going to start embracing more structural proper headwear with a crown and a brim and move away from the veils eventually,” Tan says.

However, when it comes to whether to complete the outfit with a hat or fascinator, Tan opts for a hat.

“When it’s an event like the Melbourne Cup Carnival, you can take a huge risk with what you’re going to wear and have a lot of fun with it,” she says.

“You should really embrace that and actually go for something that you wouldn’t normally wear.”

“Going to the races is one of those occasions where you can really dress up as much as you want and there aren’t any other occasions where you actually can wear a hat, really.”


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