Aussies plan to re-gift this Xmas

03_Aussies plan to re-gift this Xmas


(Australian Associated Press)

Be warned: There’s a fair chance that pine scented candle you get this Christmas has been re-gifted.

A St George Bank survey has found half of Aussies plan to re-gift old presents this Christmas.

One in five of the 1,000 respondents surveyed online in November said they will be extra careful about spending this Christmas, a slight increase on last year’s 16 per cent result.

And half of them are thinking of re-wrapping old gifts as a way of saving money.

A third of them say they will go halves with a family member or friend and one in five have already bought their Christmas presents during sales earlier this year.

St George retail banking general manager Ross Miller said nearly half of Aussie households have budgeted well and managed to save enough throughout the year for the silly season.

“We can also learn from the survey that the most popular Christmas present budget for over a third of households is between $250 – $500, which shows a level of sensibility as well,” he said.

And it’s dad who most households will fork the most money out for, with 47 per cent of respondents saying they’ll spend the most on a present for dad.

Mum is a close second with 40 per cent saying that’s who they’ll spend the most on, followed by siblings, friends and children.


* 43 per cent have already put aside money for gifts

* 20 per cent will cut back on their Xmas splurge

* 49 per cent plan on re-gifted presents

* 20 per cent have already bought their gifts during sales

* A third will go halves in buying a gift


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