2016 starts with a thud as markets tumble… it’s important to keep things in perspective

coh-investors-chasing-shadowsMarket falls – are investors chasing shadows?

Key points to note:

  • A condensed combination of unexpected events in China, the Middle East and North Korea prompted sharp sell-offs in share markets.
  • We expect market volatility to continue, however our expectation remains for better returns this year than we saw in 2015.
  • AMP Capital’s active investment management and Dynamic Asset Allocation capability positions us to respond to this market sell-off and future continued volatility.
  • Shares often go through rough patches; selling after falls just turns a paper loss into a real loss; market falls throw up opportunities; and dividends remain more attractive and more stable than bank interest.

AMP explains what’s behind the volatility and the long term view amp.com.au. For a more detailed technical analysis read AMP Capital’s market update.


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